The perfect breakfast

  • Bread's basket
  • Home made jam
  • Butter
  • 3 cheeses

    O Morro, Ilha and Milhafre on a board

The eggs

  • Fried
  • Herb omelette

    and tomato and cheese from the island

  • The scrambled
  • Boiled on the counter

From the toaster to homemade bread

  • Mixed with oregano
  • Cheese and ham
  • White cheese, avocado and egg

The detox that is good in the morning

  • Beetroot, apple and coriander
  • Carrot, orange and ginger
  • Pineapple, spinach and mint
  • The one of the day with our fruit and vegetables


  • Yoçor yogurt, pineapple and granola

Island yogurt

  • Yogurts

    Flavors: blackberry, pineapple and passion fruit


To start your meal

  • Bread selection
  • Codfish butter
  • Olive Oil "Distintus"

    For two persons

  • Bread selection
  • Local Fresh Cheese
  • Ocean Smoked “Ham”

    Of the sea


Starters to share

  • Marinated octopus

    and fried garlic

  • Codfish tongues

    Deep fried

  • Rock Crab

    BocAberta Stuffed

  • Deep fried Morey

    with corn flour

To confort

  • Fish Soup


  • Soup of the day



Our Fresh Fish and Seafood display

By the Kilo or portion

  • Today´s Catch Grilled

    Price per Kilo

  • Today´s Catch Baked in Salt Crust

    For four persons
    Sides included
    Need to be ordered in advance

  • Today´s Catch Baked in Bread

    For two persons
    Sides included

  • Coastal Seafood and Fish Pasta

    with mint
    For two persons

  • Octopus Rice in Cast Iron Pan

    Para 2 e 4 pessoas


From other Coasts, but always Our Salted Codfish

Codfish for everyone and from all of us, our faithful friend at the table

  • Our Codfish

    “À Brás”

  • Fried Codfish

    in beer batter

  • Roasted Codfish

    posta de asa a asa 400g a 500g

  • Codfish Baked

    in Olives Bread 1.9kg
    Sides included


Time to lick your fingers with our seafood

From our coast and respecting the season

  • Limpets

    with lemon butter

  • Barnacles

    in sea water
    if in season

  • São Jorge Clams

    if in season

  • Cavaco

    Grilled or boiled

  • Azorean Slipper Lobster

    Grilled or boiled

  • Pico King Crab


Seafood from Other Coasts

  • Boiled Shrimp

    . 70/80

  • Boiled Shrimp

    . 20/30

  • Pan fried Shrimp

    BocAberta 20/30

  • Costal Shrimp
  • Oysters

    by the unit

  • Lobster

    Grilled or boiled

  • Goose barnacles
  • Clams

    “À Bulhão Pato” 200g

  • Mussels

    with onion sauce spicy tomato

Our selection of seafood

From cold to hot plates

  • Mariscada

    Minimum for two persons


Between breads and out

Meat to confort

  • Steak sandwich “à BocAberta”

    with garlic butter

  • Beef Bites wih egg and pickles
  • Entrecôte

    with Local “ Especial” Beer Sauce


To accompany your choice

  • Creamy lemon rice
  • Spicy potatoes
  • Fries

    and paprika

  • Roasted veggies


  • Lemon rice

    with roasted vegetables

  • À “Brás”

    from the garden (Vegetarian)


  • Fish Fingers

    with fries and rice

  • Chicken nuggets

    with fries and rice


Ask for suggestion

  • Our sweets in a jarr

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